Friday, 28 September 2012

Cargo Commander coming to Steam!

Cargo Commander coming to Steam!

We've been busy conspiring with Green Hill Studios and Digital Tribe Games to get Cargo Commander released on various digital stores, including Steam, and now we can finally announce that this will happen on october 18th! Unless bad things happen and it gets delayed, who knows!

Check out our new re-announcement trailer, showing various sides of the complex character that is the Cargo Commander!

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Bönkers is an all new multiplayer game with goats, hills and a lot of Bönks!

Bönkers will be out this summer. We are already planning a big goat-party beta test soon, don't miss it!

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Peek under the hood

I'm not an artist, so instead of nice concept art or cool screenshots, please bear with me for a peek inside the workings of Cargo Commander!

This is a visualisation of some navigation information that's used by the enemies, so they can find their way through the procedurally generated containers (note: the gravity in this container is towards bottom right).
The yellow lines show where enemies can move by walking (including falling down from platforms), the green lines show how they can jump around. Each enemy uses this map to find a way from its current position to the player (in which each type of connection has a different cost).

The player can destroy platforms by drilling them away or create explosions, which means that the map isn't correct anymore and needs to be recalculated. If the player finds a gravity switch and switches it off, the map has become completely useless, and the enemies will float around helplessly, ready for the Cargo Commander to pick them off one by one with his sixshooter!