Saturday, 26 November 2011

Game in the City!

Pfew what a first day. Waking up 5 o' clock and spending a whole day eating finger food and drinking fancy bubbly soda! But seriously it has been a great two days with lots of neat games, kind people and watching people enjoy our Cargo Commander :) Time to collapse in bed! A special thanks for all of the kind people from the Dutch Game Garden. 

Whip out your 3D glasses and enjoy these photo's in 3D!

De rijtuigen loods in Amersfoort. 

There was actually a toilet in this train!

Daniel acting spontaneously with a guest appearance by mister Rhemrev (

Maarten acting suave and entertaining the ladies.

One of the other indigo attendees. Jay van Hutten with his addictive one button game Ichi.

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